For a long time, I don’t write a new post on this blog. And here is the first post I write in English. If you think I just want to write in Vietnamese, you’re wrong, because I’m not good at English. Haha

So, why have this post??


Because I want to learn English and I want to be fluent in English.


Like the majority, I did learn English for more than 10 years. Wow, but for now my English skill is not good.


I think English is not difficult, even easy to learn. So why ???

Because I’m lazy and not enough the persist. That true.

And then, how to continue…

Not the right method for everyone, for me, when I have big enough motivation. English needs to learn every day. You need to speak, write and read every day.

Don’t worry when you speak you will have some wrongs and write not true the gramma. Just speak and write and continue every day. In the early day, you will be and can use English as the native language.

For me, I will be trying to write more blogs in English, although I know I have a lot of wrongs.


Hope so,

Bye and see you again.